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EDGEucation Loans: The Loan Servicer From Hell

Read below for a gripping and entertaining documentation of my experience with loan servicer EDGEucation Loans, in which I was locked out of my account arbitrarily, discovered they have no system of payment confirmation, made countless phone calls to their support, and was debited twice for the same payment.

Originally posted April 30th and updated May 1st.

Recently my student loan servicer was changed from Direct Loans to EDGEucation Loans. How cool and hip – it’s like they’re on the bleeding EDGE. I had little say in this matter, but I went along and created my online account so I could continue making payments.

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Taking Pictures of my Cat is More Fun than Working


Window Chillin'

Making a limited effort to become more proficient on Brian’s Canon 40D before I’m required to use it for a film class I’m taking. Now, back to mel. Man, I hate how the elements on this wordpress theme don’t recognize the height of an image in a post when deciding how to relatively space themselves. Henceforth, I need to have enough text so that inline pictures are entirely surrounded. Lalalalala…