EDGEucation Loans: The Loan Servicer From Hell

Read below for a gripping and entertaining documentation of my experience with loan servicer EDGEucation Loans, in which I was locked out of my account arbitrarily, discovered they have no system of payment confirmation, made countless phone calls to their support, and was debited twice for the same payment.

Originally posted April 30th and updated May 1st.

Recently my student loan servicer was changed from Direct Loans to EDGEucation Loans. How cool and hip – it’s like they’re on the bleeding EDGE. I had little say in this matter, but I went along and created my online account so I could continue making payments.

A couple of days before the payment due date, I made a one-time payment on the EDGEucation Loans site. There was no email confirmation. No payment showed up in the account under “payment history”. All I received was a popup with some cursory information (but no transaction ID) saying “This is a receipt, print for your records”. Ok…

Four days later, and one day past the payment due date, my account hasn’t be debited, no payments are listed under my account history, and it still shows payment as being due. So I made another payment. Probably a hasty move, right? But it was past business hours, and I wanted to be sure I wasn’t marked late. This is basically my whole financial future/credit score hanging in the balance, after all, not a big deal or anything. Like the first time, no email notification, no transaction ID, just a popup with no useful information whatsoever.

This morning I called their customer support and asked if the no-email-confirmation thing was standard. It was. After picking my jaw up from the floor, we managed to work through it and (possibly) delete the second extra payment. Though I couldn’t really tell because of the AJAX mess their site is (I’m pretty sure in the midst of a fury of clicks I saw a “payment canceled” confirmation). But of course, I can’t be sure because no payments are listed under my account. I was told my account would be debited this evening and all of the payments would show up.

So it’s this evening. I tried to log in to the EDGEucation Loans site. First it rejects my password. Then it accepts my password but rejects the answer I supply to the “security question” (don’t even get me started on these). Absolutely nothing had changed since earlier.*

I tried on several browsers** producing the same results. On the last try (IE9 on a Windows 7VM for anyone wondering) it officially locked the account down.

To the phone! Maybe the automated phone system can help me access my account or at the very least check my balance/payment info. After sitting through five minutes of learning how to spell “e-d-g-e-u-c-a-t-i-o-n” and learning about how glorious and useful their pile of dung website is, it finally allowed me to input my credentials. Then, the recorded voice said something like the following: “We believe your account would be better serviced by a support representative, Goodbye”. I RESPOND IN MEMES!



UPDATE as of Thursday: EDGEucation loans ended up charging me for both payments. The cancelation I made on their website did absolutely nothing.


Here are the takeaways:

  1. You want your online account to be accessible without having to worry about arbitrarily being locked out? Too bad!
  2. You want any kind of confirmation that you made a payment? Too bad! 
  3. You want your payment to actually show up in your account history? Too bad! 
  4. You want the actions taken over a support phone call, in which you had to wait 30 minutes to speak to a representative, to actually have any impact? Too bad! 

I made my fifth phone call this afternoon and the representative was forwarding my case to their account adjustment department. However, with this track record, I expect no action to be taken and will now procede to freak out about making up the money and hope they don’t decide to adjust my minimum payment upwards because I ‘contributed’ extra.

*I keep security questions (which are gibberish answers) in a spreadsheet and copy/paste them to the site. My spreadsheet did not magically change itself in the span of a few hours – something was definitely wrong with their system.

**Added bonus fun time! Guess the message I received in Safari? “For a better experience with this site, we recommend Mac users use Chrome or Firefox browser.” Let’s try this instead: “For a more pleasant user experience, go stick your head up your butt because surely that’s better than the big pile of dung we’ve coded and are liberally calling a ‘web-site'” For the love of god, Safari and Chrome use the same rendering engine. I actually think they added this message JUST to throw me over the cliff.

22 thoughts on “EDGEucation Loans: The Loan Servicer From Hell

  1. Kate

    It’s definitely not just you! I was switched in February and it’s been a headache ever since. None of my friends have been switched over, so they don’t understand the frustration of dealing with an incompetent loan servicer!

    With my previous loan servicer, my automatic monthly payments were higher than my minimum but that capability isn’t available at EDGEucation loans. What?! It took them about 2 months to tell me that. It was a long series of phone calls that went a little like this “Yes, automatic payments will transfer over. Wait – no they won’t. Just kidding of course they will! Oh, well I guess they didn’t. Wait you want to pay more than the minimum? We don’t do that. Ever.”

    My solution is to go on every month to manually make a payment, in which I also have to re-enter my routing # and checking account # – because storing that info is just too hard for a company whose only purpose is to take money from a bank account. Then – no receipt is sent. No history of payments is available view. No nothing.

  2. Marissa

    Your blog post made my day! I am glad to here I am not the only one who thinks this company is awful. I have had to call customer service 5 times in the last month.

    I was not told my loan was going to be transferred and I never got a “welcome package.” Not to mention, I have a payment from my previous company that is out in space and can take up to 90 days to get to them.

    I discovered the nightmare of being locked out of my account yesterday. That was a fun 45 minutes.

    I used Safari and it looked exactly the same as chrome and sucked just as much.

  3. Mike

    Just echoing my newfound hatred of this servicer. They never seem to like my password (which is getting increasingly harder to remember, as I keep getting locked out and having to change it to a non-previously used password…) This time was especially agrivating as I put in the correct password, it asked me for my high school city, which I obviously know. It told me I was incorrect 3 times, so I reloaded the page and am now greeted with “contact customer service” Which of course isn’t possible since they are closed at midnight. This is the 3rd time I’m locked out in just one month of having them as my new servicer… not looking forward to this relationship.

  4. Steve Post author

    Mike – That’s exactly what happened to me when they started rejecting my security answers. I always paste them from a spreadsheet or document. There’s NO WAY they were not correct. The site locked me out of my account and I had to have them re-open it over the phone… and they were pretty condescending “Oh those questions… they can be hard to remember!” Uh, no.

    Good to know they still haven’t fixed it… at least the phone hold times seem to be shorter now.

  5. Kevin

    DirectLoans transferred my account to this P.O.S. company. I’ve been locked out of my account, have no clue if my payment has gone through, have no receipt email, will not accept my routing and account number – even though I used the same account during the fiasco of paying my payment last month. This is and has been a nightmare. Please take my damn payment! This has been by far the worst damn account management website that I have ever experienced! Think of all the money that these people are in charge of, and this is the mechanism that they came up with to manage these accounts?! WTF?!?!

  6. Kevin

    I can echo all the statements above. I hate this servicer more than anything. Does anyone know how I can pay extra on my loans with them without THEM choosing how the money is dispersed? I have certain loans with higher interest rates, and they won’t give me the option to pay more to those after I pay my monthly minimum. WHAT A SCAM!

  7. Sonya

    I just got off the phone with one of their “representatives” after being locked out. Now I’ve been waiting for the link to reset my password for the last 30mins.

  8. Alonzo

    Kevin, i seriously think the same thing!! Does anyone know if complaining to the better business bureau can do anything? Or i might even consider taking a personal loan out and just paying these douchebags off at this point…and its only been two months!!

  9. Steve Post author


    You may contact the Federal Ombudsman.

    I’ve already prepared a complaint, but I’m waiting to see how this month’s payment goes. When I do complain, I will incorporate everyone’s sentiments here, but it would probably help if everyone sent their own complaint….

  10. Jena

    Ughhh! I hate it! They switched me over and I have had issues every month… I just logged in 2 days ago and same as you I have everything in a spreadsheet and I just tried to log in and it told me to contact customer service. Absolutely ridiculous…

  11. Lori

    Thank God I’m not the only one. I hate this loan company!!!! I really hope that the government steps in and gets rid of this company!

  12. Joe

    Wow, glad to know it’s not just me. I haven’t had any of the “getting locked out of the website problems yet” but I have had some mysterious billing. Spent about 3 hours over the last 2 days on hold and fighting with their “agents”. I asked repeated times to speak with a manager, supervisor, or somebody in charge, to only be told, can you hold? Then, same person comes back on, and tells me that the manager can’t help me, that the problem is in the processing facility. Ok? Can I talk to the Processing Facility? NO, they only except emails from us, the incompetent customer service agent. WTF!
    Anyway, thanks EDGE for raising my monthly payments by 230%, and sending me no letter of intent to do this. Thanks for expecting a payment from me on 6/28/13, but sending out a new amount due on 6/27/13 saying you want double what I was supposed to pay, and then taking my payment for June, putting it toward interest, and quadrupling my monthly amount owed for July. WTF is going on in this billing department? How do I take care of this when nobody has a answer for me as to where these charges are coming from?
    I just want Direct Loans back 🙁 I feel like I am being bent over and thoroughly fucked right now…without lube.

  13. Steve Post author

    Joe, cripes, that’s bad. I would submit a complaint to The Federal Ombudsman as soon as possible.

    I know their billing department only communicates with the reps because I had a similar issue where I wasn’t sure if they were going to refund an extra payment or just apply it to next month. Their department seems to have a 1-2 week lag time in processing anything. Eventually I got a rep to put a note on my account and everything worked out (assuming this doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass, who knows).

    Good luck!

  14. A

    All I want to do is pay off my loans. I literally want to give away $40,000. EDGEucation Loans makes this impossible to do. I fucking hate these people. Thank you for servicing my loan without my consent you assholes.

  15. Dawn

    Oh my gosh, I am so glad I am not the only one who has to deal with the stupidity of these people! I have been making phone calls and writing emails for 3 months to these idiots. They are literally driving me insane. They send me letters in the mail stating one thing, and an email stating the exact opposite. They tell me one thing on the phone, my account says something completely different. Once I FINALLY got everything straightened out and was confirmed via email and a phone conversation with a representative that I was on the IBR plan, I randomly have a customer service agent call me to ask if it was alright with me if they put me on a standard plan and increase my monthly payments. I said ‘absolutely not. do not touch my account’. They did it anyways. 5 phone calls later they FINALLY have my account reflect an IBR payment with the correct due date. I think “Okay, but they are idiots and I better keep checking my account to make sure they don’t screw it up again”. One week before my payment is due, and the account had previously said IBR and I even sent an email stating “Please do not change anything on this account and keep it on an IBR plan”, I see they decided to put my account on forbarence until the end of the year and change it back to the standard consolidation plan. UGHHH! On the phone, for probably the 30th time, they tell me that they had to put it in forbarance due to a formal written request from me. “What request? Where was it sent from? I never, ever sent you this request. I actually specifically asked you NOT to change a thing on the account”. They could not tell me where this ‘formal written request’ came from. EDGEucation loans must only hire people who don’t know what the hell they are doing and can’t find their ass from their nose.

  16. Joe

    Geez Dawn, these horror stories sound familiar. Keep bugging them and send in a complaint to The Federal Ombudsman.
    Somehow, I lucked out, and they finally just gave up on fucking me around. I just received email notice that I am being transferred to Mohela. I am so greatful that they are handing over my loans to a company that has been around a lot longer and can perform simple tasks (Hopefully).

    It’s funny though, since I have been transferred to Mohela, I have received a letter from Mohela confirming they are working on gathering all my loan info (Thankfully)….but I have also received 2 letters from EDGE. One telling me that my forbearance ended (WTF?), and another telling me I owe THIS amount (but it doesn’t say when). When I go to their website, it says I owe an amount $100 less than the letter!, and says nothing about my funds being transferred. I sure hope this transfer goes through quick and painlessly. Sooner the better!
    I wish you all the best of luck, but I have a feeling that EDGE loans may have just pissed enough people off that they may have to get out of the loan business 🙂

  17. Steve Post author

    Joe, it would seem you’re not the only one. I’ve also been transferred, but can not yet create an account with Mohela. Currently in Servicer limbo.

  18. Joe

    Talking to Mohela, it’s sounds as if “The EDGE” has been shut down. Hallalujah!! Some 100,000 loan borrowers have been moved to Mohela and others.
    Hang in there if you are not yet transferred:)

  19. Adam

    EDGEucation loans… where to start (this might get lengthy)? I am so glad to see that it’s not just me that had the worst experience ever. My story goes a lot like this.

    My loan was transferred to EDGEucation loans. Within the first week I called their customer service number because their website did not exist. The automated phone lady told me over and over “Education loans dot my ed loan dot com.” (This was before they changed their automated message to spell out E-D-G-E-ucation loans–I probably had something to do with that.) A customer service representative had an argument with me when I tried to explain that their website does not exist — at which point it finally “clicked” to him that I was spelling education not EDGEucation and that their automated phone support lady failed to make that extremely key distinction. “Who in their right mind would know to spell education that way?” I asked him. Try to google education loans myed loan today — you get no trace of “EDGE”ucation loans. Seriously.

    So I finally get to their website — what an incredible web development mess that is. No joke, did they hire the most incompetent web developer to do this shoddy work? Not only does it feel like an “angelfire” website from the 90’s, absolutely no part of it works — nor is any part of it user friendly. Being that I do web development professionally (thanks to my student loans) you would think that I would be able to navigate way better than the average person. Poor, average, non-technical person, I can certainly identify with your pain. Such a shame, but I can see now as I’m writing this that they changed the Sign Up page from it’s previous workings. What a bummer, ’cause I really wanted to slam it and let you confirm it. But here’s how it used to work when I used it just a few months ago:

    No message whatsoever if you entered something incorrectly. In the SSN field, if you put in “XXX-XX-XXXX” and tried to submit, it would just send you to an error page without any indication of what you did wrong. You see, it expected the keyed in format as “XXXXXXXXX”, no dashes. However, like I said — no indication that you were keying it in the incorrect format, just a general error page with no information to let you know why it didn’t work. But it certainly didn’t stop there, the same went for the “password” and “date of birth” text fields. In order to sign up for EDGEucation loans, you first had to crack the input format code first. It’s sort of like a puzzle you have to put together before you can sign up. Very, very EDGEy if you ask me.

    Fast forwad. I’ll spare you the recurring details of constantly being locked out of my account and my password mysteriously becoming incorrect for no apparent reason. Over and over and over and over again. Furthermore, If you click “forgot my user name”, it had absolutely no record of your username in their system. If you select “forgot my password”, and type in your username and email — It suddenly identifies who you are, but it will NEVER send you an email with your new password. Trust me. Don’t put yourself through the mental anguish, just trust me.

    OK, I said I wasn’t going to talk about that. So anyway, I finally get into my account after contacting their customer service. Surprise! As many of you noted, my minimum payment due was 100% more than my previous loan servicer (aka doubled). Not sure how they calculate things, but in EDGE world, it costs a lot more. So again I call them and explain my previous payment plan and they agree that they can see a history of where I paid less before, but they’re unsure why my income based payment plan didn’t carry over. “We are still in the process of transferring all the information from your previous loan servicer. We are not sure how long this is going to take, but as a courtesy we can put a forebearance on your account for 90 days.” In those 90 days, 2 things were going to happen. #1, I must re-apply for my income based payment plan through their website (oh, great) and #2, they will have had ample time to receive all the information to service my loan and ensure consistent billing amounts.

    Four months go by and I notice there have been no payments deducted from my account. Of course, I wasn’t expected a payment to be taken for the first 3 months (90 days forebearance), but after that 4th month there appeared to be something wrong. I call EDGEucation loans (because, of course, you can’t login to your account). “Your account is past due by $ (4 times the original amount plus fees).” I explain they had placed a forebearance on my account for 3 months and that they failed to auto-deduct me for the 4th month after my forebearance period, so there should only be one missed payment. “No record of a forebearance being placed on your account.” So now I’m 4 months deliquent (forebearance period plus 1 month), plus fees. Here’s the kicker — they also suspended my auto-debit so that no money would be taken during the 90 day forebearance (that they didn’t instate), but did not actually execute the forebearance. So now I have NO forebearance, and the “clue” that this forebearance didn’t actually take effect was hidden by the fact that they also suspended my auto debit. My credit score is going to love this. Customer service indicated that they sent me emails to inform me that my account was delinquent. It was apparently sent to my work email, which I check every 5 minutes M-F, 8-5. They DID NOT send me an email. Yes, I checked my junk folder, too. Customer service was very snippy and was more than sure that this was no one’s fault but my own. I made a one time payment of $ (4 times my payment plus fees) and he set me up manually for auto-debit.

    Auto debit continued correctly for 2 months. I stopped checking my account online because I was always locked out — but that’s OK, so long as the money is coming out correctly every month. Then… the light at the end of the tunnel — “Your Student Loans Are Moving” — email from EDGEucation. How they got emails conveniently working again to let me know that, beats me. My loans are being moved to MOHELA, a new loan servicer. I couldn’t be happier. I get my account set up a week later on MOHELA’s professionally built website — no issues whatsoever. I log in. No issues. I honestly couldn’t believe it, since I was so accustomed to the absolute junk that is EDGEucation loans.

    First thing I see… “Account delinquent by 7 days.” Yet, I see my auto-debit is already set up… COOOMMMEEE ONNNN! I call MOHELA and spoke to a very professional, courteous, and knowledgable agent. He apologizes multiple times that my account is past due and upon reviewing my account, says ” We are very, very sorry for the inconvenience and I can assure you that you are set up for automatic payments with us starting this month. This issue here is that EDGEucation loans failed to debit your final payment before transferring your information to us. That is why your account shows a missed payment. Please understand that we aren’t responsible for the mistakes of your previous servicer.” Maybe it was my fault for not noticing, but I rarely babysit my checking account for automatic payments that should be “automatic”. I make a one time payment, again, to fix what EDGEucation loans has failed to do — for the umpteenth time.

    Well, at this point, I think I might actually be EDGE-free. The feeling I have is surely comparible to the show “locked up abroad” when the prisoner finally steps foot on US soil after years of torture and captivity. Just a huge weight… lifted… and the overwhelming joy of never having to go back there. There is nothing EDGEy about EDGEucation loans. From a juvenile and hideous website, to incredibly incompetent service, to a customer service department that I’m all but certain is run by high school dropouts… EDGEucation loans is the worst thing that could ever happen to anybody. I wish you and yours all the luck (and miracles) should you ever find yourself amidst the destruction of EDGEucation loans.

  20. Steve Post author

    Adam, that is HORRENDOUS. I hope that hasn’t affected your credit rating.

    Their site was indeed awful. I had all of the problems you describe. I especially liked the warning that you should use Chrome instead of Safari. Like THAT would fix anything (I mean they use the same rendering engine). Three cheers for Mohela!

  21. Conchis

    I have been working with Wells Fargo since June ’09 i have never been late on a mgorgate payment and have always paid the amount owed they put me on a trial period Oct-Dec .have kept my documents up to date had a huge snowstorm and called them to tell them i would get the next documents to them within a few days i was trying to dig out .i call them a few days later and they say they booted me out of the program because i was a few days late sending in the documents i tell them i was under 3 feet of snow anyway now they say i owe $6,000 by March 1. I said what happened to the trial payments i’ve been making since October? None of my payments have been going towards my monthly mgorgate they put them all towards back fees .then they said i never paid Jan and Feb I said yes i did none of that money has been going towards my current monthly mgorgate they said after dec my payment went back up to the original amount i told them i had asked them that and they told me to keep paying the trial payment until further notice .this was not correct info so now i am in the hole for $6000 and I am someone who has never been late with a payment my whole life and was just trying to some help because business has slacked off they only lowered it $200 a month. So here i am a homeowner who has been responsibe and has paid on time and now they have screwed me and told me they have reported it to the credit bureau that i am deliquent because i only paid the modification payment i said that is what you told me to pay i’ve only done what they have told me find out they have been charging me fees to have someone drive by my house to make sure i live there.WTF? Wells Fargo has done nothing but screwed me .and every time they sent me a mgorgate bill i would call them and say hey you are saying i owe all this money WHY? and for the last 5 montsh they have told me to disregard those statments so i do and now they say Oh well , you owe us $6000 by march or we will start foreclosing ON SOMEONE who has only done what they told me to do Does anyone have any answers?

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