Photoshop PSD Template for Canon J (MG 5420) CD/DVD Label Tray

I recently decided to move from printing sticky labels on a laserjet to actually printing directly onto DVD’s with the Canon MG 5420. It’s better than sticky labels in pretty much every way. Although I’ve never had an issue with sticky labels peeling off and damaging DVD drives (even from jobs over 5 years old) the laserjet just didn’t look very good, I’d always see the DVD-R logo beneath the thin label, and the toner would rub off unless I dried the sheets for several days.

Enter the Canon MG 5420, a lowcost inkjet ($90 at Officemax) with a CD/DVD tray. However it does not come with templates of any sort and you must use their “EZ Print ABC 123” whatever it is software, which is extremely limiting. I created my own PSD template for the “J” type tray using these instructions as a starting point. Please see the below link to download my PSD template (for Photoshop CC). If you are interested in creating your own template for the J tray in another application, see the above linked instructions and simply use these measurements:

Page Length: 224mm

Page Width: 130mm

Offset A: 65mm

Offset B: 120mm

Canon J Tray PSD Template

As you can see from the image, you have to correctly set the paper size when printing from Photoshop, otherwise it assumes you are printing on 8.5×11″ paper. To set the paper size, hit Print and then “Print Settings”. Under the Paper Size dropdown, select “Manage custom sizes” and create a new custom size that matches the Page Width and Length measurements for the tray (in this case, because it needs to be inches for some reason, use 5.12 x 8.82″). Then hit OK, and be sure the Tray is selected as the source under the Quality & Media tab (on OSX, not sure what the Windows equivalent is).

Happy printing!

30 thoughts on “Photoshop PSD Template for Canon J (MG 5420) CD/DVD Label Tray

  1. Chuck

    I just got this printer. I hit print from photoshop, however, the printer gives me an error saying that the fop needs to be closed. Well, with the flap closed, one can’t insert the did/cd tray. SO, how is that you are printing?

  2. Steve Post author

    Hi Chuck,

    When starting the print, it usually wants the flap closed. After it “warms up” for a few minutes, it should display a message telling you to open the flap and insert the tray. Don’t ask me why! The process moves faster if you’re printing more than one disc.

  3. Carol

    I recently purchased this printer to print onto DVD’s and, like you, found the templates very limiting. I had previously printed DVD’s on an Epson with great success. Their program for printing DVD’s had a lot more options. But when the printer gave out on me, I decided to go with this Canon expecting to get a better print job. Little did I know that their program is not up to par with Epson, but I am stuck with it now. What template download would you recommend for a Mac user?

  4. Marshall

    I just wanted to say thanks Steve. I was pulling my hair out trying to get this to work with Canon’s software.

  5. Steve Post author

    Glad to help, Marshall!

    Carol – if you have Photoshop, I would recommend trying my template above. If not, you could try using the measurements to build your own template in your software of choice.

  6. Volker


    thank you so much, this template saved me a bunch of time and discs! Works perfectly with the MX925 and its Tray “J”.

    Best regards,

  7. Steve Post author

    Hi Al,

    You can always measure the inner circle on your Cd and create an equivalent circle in the Photoshop template. Just place the circle in the exact center of the disc using the guides in the template.


  8. Kim

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for this article. It was helpful to me in creating a Tray G template. I’ve got the alignment sorted out and can print from OSX onto discs now without issue. However, I’m having difficulty matching the printed disc output with my screen. How do your discs look in comparison with screen artwork? Any tips? Or can you help with Photoshop/Printer colour management settings that worked for you?



  9. Steve Post author

    Hi Kim,

    I’m glad the post was helpful to you! As far as matching the printed output, I would make sure the document is in CMYK colour space. Next, you could try calibrating your screen for print using a device like the Spyder, Huey Pro, etc. My screens have to be calibrated for video, so I usually end up adding some adjustment layers with changes to brightness/contrast and colour balance until it looks right. When printing from Photoshop, “Printer Manages Colors” is selected. It usually looks fine for me, but exact matching isn’t critical for my application. Good luck!


  10. pedro pages

    Not sure how to select the try as a source from photoshop. Quality and media tab?

  11. pedro pages

    This is a great post, thank you !
    The template is very helpful. I was just about to build one because the Canon software is tedious.

  12. Mike

    Thank you!! This is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate you taking the time to post this.

    – Mike

  13. Fred Cohagnagel

    This is amazing! I have an MG7120 and for the life of me can’t figure out how to get a blank template out of Canon My Image Garden. What was Canon thinking even with this software? I tried it and I was really nervous printing my first CD, but it works pretty damn good. The only thing I want to add to this is that I would advise people to make the Mask Layer, Center Cutout, and Guide layers invisible before printing. Cut those areas out of your original image so the printer doesn’t end up printing on the tray. Not sure if it will, but better safe than sorry. Also, I feel like the printable disc area is a few pixels too high on the MG7120, perhaps 4 or 5 pixels, but I’m still experimenting.

  14. Fred Cohagnagel

    I did some more testing. On the MG7120 the image has to be moved 3 pixels down to be centered exactly on the disc. Also, on certain discs where the white printable part of the CD goes almost all the way to the spindle, you can cut the image all the way to the inner guide ring.

  15. Steve Post author

    Good to know Fred! Glad you’re finding it useful. It will definitely have to be adjusted per-printer… even when I use Windows vs Mac, it has to be adjusted slightly.

    Just to save you some time, you are safe leaving the guides and cut-outs visible. Most printers will not print 100% white (it would be impossible actually unless you have specialty white ink, since ink is an additive process).

  16. Angel Andres

    Howdy! Has anyone figured out where the “Quality and Media” tab is in Photoshop? (I have CS5) The MG7120 keeps wanting to print to a piece of paper and the only option for trays I get is the “Lower Cassette”.

    Thanks for the template by the way! 🙂

  17. Angel Andres

    Hi again,

    looks like I figured it out for my purposes. When printing from Photoshop CS5, this is what I did:

    FILE>PRINT>PRINT SETTINGS then in the box that pops up I had to click on the “Media Type” button which gave me a drop-down menu. I clicked on OTHER PAPERS>PRINTABLE DISC (RECOMMENDED) the finally, under the PAPER SOURCE drop down menu I got the option for CASSETTE.

    Hope this helps!


  18. Paul

    I have a Canon MG5200 and I’ve modified the template to fit my printer. It works perfectly, thanks!
    In my printer settings I changed the “media type” to “printable disc” and I changed the “Page Size” to “Disc Tray G”. The size of the page for my printer is 131.0 by 254.3 mm.

  19. Linda

    Hi, Try to get to your download page but it says “not authorized.” Do you still have it available? Thanks.

  20. Tyler Burns

    Firstly, thanks for this post. It’s been extremely helpful when setting up the printer and what not on two Macs now. A tip on how to get the Print Settings dialog box to include the option for Disc Tray and what not that I’ll leave here in case someone (or myself again) needs it in the future. I had set it up once awhile back, and could not remember how I did it, but just figured it out again.

    If you’re on a Mac, make sure you have IJ Network Tool installed, or possibly the Printer Driver as well ( when you do this – I had all the software actually from the CD installed when I did this, so not sure which it was (if any) that does the trick. When you add the printer in System Preferences, instead of just clicking the printer name directly when you see it in the + drop down box, click Add Printer or Scanner… instead, and it’ll take you to a popup box. You’ll see the Canon printer listed there twice, once as a Bonjour Multifunction and once as a Canon IJ Network. YOU HAVE TO ADD THE CANON IJ NETWORK ONE, NOT THE BONJOUR MULTIFUNCTION! I think when you add the Printer regularly, it adds the Bonjour one, which doesn’t give you the printer specific options like disc tray selection and what not! Viola, that should do the trick!

  21. Gary

    Another happy reader, this time with a Canon MG7560. I had to tweak the alignment slightly, but your template made my job a lot easier, so thanks!

  22. Mark

    Thank you so much for this template! The software for this from Canon is not so great! Huge thanks!

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