Photoshop PSD Template for Canon K (Pixma Pro-10) CD/DVD Label Tray

Having recently upgraded from an MG 5420 (it lasted four years and still works fine) to a Pixma Pro-10 I found myself once again needing a Photoshop PSD template for the CD tray. I was surprised to learn that it is still the case Canon only officially supports printing from their shitty program, even on a “professional” printer. 

This one took a little more work than the J tray I made previously; it looks like Canon flipped the orientation and everything needed a few rounds of small adjustments.

On OSX, you’ll first need to install Canon’s drivers/IJ Network tool. When you print, select “Disc tray K” as the source.


Like before, the template was created with the help of this guide. I got pretty close by measuring the paper size (5.95 x 12.60in), Offset A (81mm) and Offset B (207mm) and then rotating the whole thing 180 degrees to match Canon’s new orientation after it printed directly on the opposite side of my tray (doh). From there I had to make some small adjustments just eyeballing it. Your printer may need small adjustments as well. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Photoshop PSD Template for Canon K (Pixma Pro-10) CD/DVD Label Tray

  1. Alejandro

    Thank you so much for posting this! It saved me a ton of tinkering and frustration. I needed a PSD-based template to use with Photoshop’s data-driven (variables/data sets) feature, and your template lays a sufficient foundation to get the solution working. As you say, it may need a tiny bit of tweaking, but it was only off by about 0.5mm on my printer. That’s certainly close enough for my project. I hope I can someday return the favor. Cheers!

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