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Your Linear Workflow isn’t Linear unless you do the following (Maya 2011)

Think all you have to do in Maya 2011 to work linearly is set the two input/output options in the render globals? Wrong! Well, you’ll technically be correct. But you actually have to set three other options hidden away in the preferences, otherwise your nice 32bit linear EXR files will look totally washed out.

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Dutch Still Life Rendering

Dutch Still Life

Dutch Still Life

Along with the car, this is one of the projects I had been working on last quarter. I guess everyone has to do a still life at some point – I think I’ve done three or four – this one presented some interesting challenges. Although it was a simple project, it gave an excuse to play around with mental ray materials and some techniques I had never really had a chance to touch before, such as subsurface scattering.The cloth was particularly fun; it’s a bunch of flat planes with curled edges, turned into nCloth objects and dropped from above onto a collision plane which included a bunch of primitive geometry to break up the shapes a bit. I found the trick was to use several smaller nCloth objects rather than trying to achieve the shape I was after with one giant cloth. The other objects are all fairly straightforward primitive shapes. I scanned a lot of texture material for the roses, leaves, bread and fruit, the rest is from online sources.